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Youth Savings Program


4 Reasons to Join CC The Owl's Youth Savings Program

Set your sights on savings.

April is Youth Savings Month! This year's theme is “Save Away for a Rainy Day,” because when kids learn about the importance of saving money for the future, they are laying the foundation for financial success! Below is a list of great reasons why you should consider opening a youth account for your child.

1. Matching Deposits

Choosing Connected Credit Union as a place to save is a smart choice because of our deposit matching program! Each time your child fills their $5.00 coin book and brings it to the credit union to deposit, we will match their $5.00 deposit up to three times.

2. Birthday Messages

Each year for your child's birthday, they will receive a special message in the mail from our youth savings mascot, CC the Owl!

3. Earn Prizes

CC the Owl loves rewarding youth members for saving! When your child makes a deposit, they are able to choose a brand new book from CC the Owl's Treasure Nest. CC keeps the nest filled with books for all reading levels from ages 0-13. In addition, for each deposit made they are entered into a monthly drawing for $25.00!

4. Saving Money

CC the Owl's Youth Savings Program teaches children the value of saving money. Learning and practicing money-saving habits at a young age, will help them to build a financial relationship with the credit union and a strong financial future. Let’s set them on the path to financial success together!

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