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Club Accounts

Club accounts are an easy way to budget your money.  Set up regular deposits through payroll deduction.

  • All Purpose Clubs –  An All Purpose Club allows you to save for taxes, vacations, or any purpose. Funds are available when you need them. You can save as much as you'd like using a direct deposit or simply deposit money at your convenience. An All Purpose Club is a great way to set aside, $100.00, $1000.00, or any amount your budget allows for! Our club accounts are an extra savings account that allows you to save for almost anything ie; a down payment on a home, a downpayment for your next auto loan, planning for a family vacation, home renovations, etc...  Whatever your needs are, we offer creative ways to help you get there!
  • Christmas Clubs – Funds for our Christmas Clubs are disbursed each Oct. 1st into your savings or checking account. Allotments to a Christmas Club can be made through direct deposit or at your convenience, anytime. They are budget-friendly and there is no set schedule or monthly payment amount required. Christmas Clubs are a great way to plan ahead for the holidays, by budgeting year-round.