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Club Accounts

Club accounts are an easy way to budget your money.  Set up regular deposits through payroll deduction. 

  • All Purpose Clubs –  An All Purpose Club allows you to save for taxes, vacations or any purpose. Funds are available when you need them. You can save as much as you'd like using a direct deposit or simply deposit money at your convenience. An All Purpose Club is a great way to set aside, $100.00, $1000.00, or any amount your budget allows for! Our club accounts are an extra savings account that allows you to save for almost anything ie; a down payment on a home, a downpayment for your next auto loan, planning for a family vacation, home renovations, etc...  Whatever your needs are, we offer creative ways to help you get there!
  • Christmas Clubs – Funds for our Christmas Clubs are disbursed each Oct. 1st into your savings or checking account. Allotments to a Christmas Club can be made through direct deposit or at your convenience, anytime. They are budget friendly and there is no set schedule or monthly payment amount required. Christmas Clubs are a great way to plan ahead for the holidays, by budgeting year round.