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Strong Passwords


4 Tips for Creating Strong Passwords

1. Avoid Simple Passwords

When choosing a password, avoid simple passwords that can be easily guessed by hackers. For example, your password shouldn't include birthdays, family member's names, phone numbers, etc. Your passwords should be more creative than just Password123.

2. Use Long Passphrases 

Longer passwords are more secure than shorter passwords. Ideally, your password should be between 8 and 20 characters, including a mix of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Using a passphrase is a great way to create a long, secure password. A passphrase is normally a phrase or group of unique words used as a phrase such as "Playing+baseball+with+the+cat". Adding characters within the passphrase helps to increase the security. When choosing a passphrase, avoid well-known and common phrases such as popular quotes or song lyrics. 

3. Regularly Update Your Passwords

You should update your passwords at least every three months. Regularly updating your passwords limits your chances of hackers gaining unauthorized access to your accounts. Changing your passwords immediately is very important after you have been notified of a security breach or a phishing attempt. 

4. Enable Two-Factor Authentication 

As an added level of security and protection, opt in for two-factor authentication when it's available. Two-factor authentication often requires both your password and a special time-sensitive code sent to your cellphone or email prior to logging in. This extra step may help prevent scammers from accessing your online accounts. 

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