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Soft Pull vs. Hard Pull


Credit Score: Soft Pull vs. Hard Pull

Soft Pull

A soft pull of your credit is when an inquiry is made of your credit score but does not affect your score in a negative way.

Soft pulls are typically made when:

  • You check your credit score through Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion.
  • A background check is run on your behalf
  • You receive a pre-qualification offer from a credit card company
  • You open up a utility account
  • You get a new insurance policy

Hard Pull

A hard pull of your credit is when the inquiry of your credit score does affect your credit. A hard credit pull might impact your score negatively by a few points. Too many hard pulls within close range of each other can be bad for your credit. It is recommended to space out hard pulls by at least six months as hard pulls will stay on your credit report for at least two years.

Hard pulls are typically made when:

Learn more about your credit score in our blog: What is a FICO® Credit Score & How is it Calculated?

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