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Mobile Pay


How to Get Started with Mobile Pay

What is a mobile wallet?

A mobile wallet is an app on your smartphone that stores your credit card and/or debit card information to make purchases instead of using your physical card. The three mobile wallets are Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Click on the logo below to learn more information about each of the three mobile wallets.

Apple Pay  Google Pay  Samsung Pay

How do I use a mobile wallet?

You can use your mobile wallet to make purchases anywhere you see the symbol below. Simply open your mobile wallet app, select the card you would like to pay with, and either click when prompted on your phone or tap your phone on the payment terminal. Leave your wallet at home and pay with your phone! It's easy, safe, and convenient.

Mobile Pay Symbol

How do I add my Connected Credit Union debit or credit card?

Open up the mobile wallet app of your choice. In Apple Pay, you will tap the + sign to add your card information. In Samsung Pay, you will tap Menu, then Cards, then Add card, and finally Add credit/debit card. In Google Pay, you will tap Payment, then Add +, then Credit or debit card. After you have added your card information to your mobile wallet, you will need to follow the mobile wallet's instructions to finalize the verification process.

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