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File Your Taxes Early


Four Reasons to File Your Taxes Early

1. Get Your Refund Faster

Since many people tend to procrastinate, you can get your refund much sooner. The fastest method to receive your refund is to file electronically and have your refund deposited directly into your Connected Credit Union account with direct deposit. Working with Connected CU, the IRS will transmit your refund directly to your desired account. Our routing and transit number 211287353 and your account number are all you need.  It can take several weeks longer if you opt for a paper return.

2. More Time to Pay

If you end up owing a balance to the IRS, you will have more time to save money for your payment by filing early. This allows three to four months of extra time that you wouldn’t have had if you had filed later. Filing early will let you know exactly how much you owe to the IRS.

3. Easier Scheduling a Tax Preparer

Accountants and tax professionals are also first come, first serve. Their schedules can fill up by the time you reach out to them if you wait too long. If you aren’t completely confident when filing your taxes, hiring someone can help you accurately complete your form.

4. Prevent Identity Theft

As soon as a criminal gets access to your Social Security Number, they can do a lot of damage. If they file with your Social Security number before you do, the IRS will decline your return since their records show you’ve already been paid. You haven’t, but the criminal has been. It can take months to clear this up with the IRS. If you can, file your taxes early and prevent the fraudsters from successfully filing a fraudulent return.



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