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Earn Debit Card Rewards!


Earn Debit Card Rewards

Did you know you can earn rewards with your debit card?

With our uChoose Rewards program, you can earn points on qualifying purchases when you use your Connected Credit Union Debit Card!

Do I automatically earn rewards?

To start earning rewards when using your Connected Credit Union Debit Card, you must enroll online at

How do I earn points?

When using your Connected Credit Union Debit Card, sign for your purchases instead of entering your PIN to earn points. Remember, Sign, don't PIN - It's a WIN/WIN! For every $2.00 spent with your Connected Credit Union debit card, you will earn 1 point through uChoose Rewards. Sometimes merchants periodically offer more points per dollar spent when shopping with them.

How do I redeem my points?

Log in to your uChoose Rewards account to redeem your rewards! You must have a total of 2500 points to be eligible to redeem for cash, merchandise, travel, gift cards, and more! There are thousands of vendors offering merchandise through uChoose Rewards. Redeeming for cash is not immediate, and will take a couple of business days to enter your account. 

To see how to redeem your uChoose Rewards Points, check out our YouTube videoYouTube Logo

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